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With time it becomes hard to maintain a white set of teeth no matter how many times you brush your teeth. Unfortunately, brushing your teeth will not make them whiter (unless you have not brushed your teeth for days). Moreover, whitening your teeth in a dental clinic can be very expensive and even if you opt to do the whitening procedures at home, it might still be quite pricey.


Nevertheless, some natural and easy solutions exist.

MSH China has decided to cover the seven best natural ways to whiten your teeth at the comfort of your own home.

Teeth are composed of more than just one layer and the yellowish aspect of the teeth is mainly happening at the very outside layer of the tooth. Assuming that your teeth are in perfect health, these are the reasons why your teeth are yellow:

Extrinsic stains affect the outside of the enamel which is the hard outermost surrounding area of teeth. These stains are typically easily removed or corrected at home or in a dental clinic. Generally the results from consumption of foods and drinks which contain pigments such as coffee, tea but also smoking.

Intrinsic stains happen within the inner structure of the tooth deep within the enamel. This type of teeth yellowing is harder to remove since it affects the whole tooth.

Research has shown that there are people who are born with a natural tendency to have tooth discoloration while others maintain the whiteness of their teeth a lot easier. This case is called dentinogenesis imperfecta and amelogenesis imperfecta.

The outside layer of your teeth naturally thins out with time exposing the inner part of your tooth as you get older.

The color of your teeth could be a representation of your health. It’s easy to develop discoloration when you’re ill especially if you’re going through tough medication treatment.

The color of your teeth could be affected by teeth trauma if you’ve suffered an injury. An injured tooth that has a crack or one that split will develop discoloration a lot quicker than a healthy tooth.

One of the easiest ways to make your teeth whiter. This is also the easiest way to maintain your teeth healthy in the long term. There are many foods that can deteriorate the health of your teeth so it’s best to avoid those. Sugar is mainly the culprit here since it slowly rots away the surface of the teeth making them thin out sooner which causes discoloration. It’s best to eat a lot of vegetables, stay away from any sugar, and make sure you’re eating the right amount of calories and micronutrients such as vitamin D.

Another easy way that you can whiten your teeth with is oil pulling. Some studies have shown that doing oil pulling can help avoid appointment to the dentist since oil pulling might prevent cavities and make the teeth stronger. Oil pulling with coconut oil is the best choice since it has lauric acid which can fight inflammation and kill bacteria. All you have to do put a few tables spoons of coconut oil in your mouth and swish for a few minutes. You can spit out the oil after around 10 to 15 minutes. The result is whiter and cleaner teeth that are also stronger.

Baking soda is also one of the most popular house-methods people use for teeth whitening. The effect of baking soda is almost instantly, indeed it cleans and disintegrates the plaque on the surface which will make your teeth whiter. The reasons why this method is so popular is that you can literally see the difference in 5 minutes. However, you should not be using raw baking soda more than twice per week since it can thin out enamel in your teeth.

Another common element used for whitening the teeth is hydrogen peroxide since it has a similar effect to baking soda. Hydrogen peroxide is also a natural bleaching agent that is used in some kinds of toothpaste。

Unlike baking soda and hydrogen peroxide which have an almost instant effect, optimizing your micronutrient intake is going to have a long term effect on the health and look of your teeth. Vitamins such as Vitamin D3 and A as well as calcium as responsible for teeth health and strength. It’s important to note that the best course of action is not to mega dose on vitamins and minerals for whiter teeth.

One of the trendiest methods for whitening your teeth is using activated charcoal. Although major studies have not confirmed that the activated charcoal whitens teeth, we can see from anecdotal evidence that it actually works for a lot of people. You should be careful as to what type of charcoal you use and not use too much because it can have adverse health effects.

An easy way to whiten your teeth without even trying is to go for an electric toothbrush in combination with baking soda and other products. An electric toothbrush is going to help you cover more surface area and do a better job than a regular toothbrush because it spins and turns faster.

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