Continuing on Takes Courage

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Facing days in life without any answers yet continuing to live life, not give up, all the way until an answer finally appears takes a lot of courage!

This man worked for an international school. Two years ago, he began to have pain in his back, neck, lower back, and other parts of his body. The pain became more and more severe, up until the point he was unable to move around and live a normal life.

Initially, he went to one of the top three public hospitals in the city that he lived in and was diagnosed with ankylosing spondylitis (AS). He received continual treatment at the hospital, but his symptoms didn’t improve, in fact they were getting worse. He called on MSH for help, and after receiving his medical reports, MSH’s medical team arranged for a consultation with Shanghai’s top Rheumatology experts. However, this treatment still proved to be ineffective.

During his business trip to the United States, he expressed to MSH that he hoped to go to Mayo clinic for treatment. At this world-class hospital, he hoped he could remedy the pain that he had had for such a long time. MSH immediately contact Mayo Clinic, and with family coming as far away as Hong Kong, MSH also helped to make an appointment with a specialist that would work with everyone’s schedule. 

With only one flight a day to the small town that Mayo Clinic is located in, MSH took this into consideration and booked a local hotel for him, and made an arrangement to ensure that the treatment process would not interfere with his work schedule. 

After everything was arranged, his travel itinerary changed all of a sudden, meaning he wouldn’t be able to get treatment as originally scheduled. Even through several changes to his itinerary, MSH worked with the Mayo Clinic every step of the way to negotiate and reschedule. MSH ensured an ideal time for treatment, taking into consideration his itinerary and also factoring in the schedule of the Mayo Clinic specialists. 

MSH coordinated in a row through a series of multiple e-mails and night time phone calls, all the way up until he successfully completed treatment at Mayo Clinic. However, the medicine prescribed by Mayo Clinic was not sold in China. Working with a comprehensive healthcare network, MSH arranged for distribution of the medicine to him in Hong Kong. Due to allergies, however, he reacted with itchy symptoms after taking the medicine.

MSH still did not give up, and continued to help him find the right medical expert in Beijing and Shanghai. MSH came to learn that Director Feng of the best Traditional Chinese Medicine hospital in Beijing GuangAnMen Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine had cured many patients suffering from rheumatism and similar diseases. Knowing the results were good, MSH quickly took care of all the preparatory work and arranged for appointments. 

After consultation, Director Feng thought that the symptoms of pain occurred after exercising and sweating and were caused by an internal chilling. He then prescribed some Chinese medicine. After the first week of taking the prescribed medicine to stop the internal chilling, the medicine took effect, and his night insomnia problem was alleviated. During every month afterwards, MSH helped him set appointments and even accompanied him to the hospital. After 6 months, he gradually reduced the dose of painkillers. After 8 months of treatment, he was nearly completely off the painkillers, and gradually restored to health.

After witnessing this experience for more than two years, facing days without answers, every day facing confusion, frustration, and seeking for answers…, continuing on takes courage! MSH salutes those with courage, and stands by their side!

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